A vast green plain under the starry night where blackness dwells, relentless silence roams around where all lifeform are in a deep slumber. A comet passby, shines brightly in stripes of the dead night. Soft breeze coming from the northern cold mountain range. A strange fuzzy figure walking from a distance, wobbly treads left where it came from. It looks up gazing the stars at night, wondering how it feels like shining as bright as the sun in every morning. Before it notice, dark clouds shrouded the starry skies, next a growling thunder crawl throughout the blackened sky. The strange fuzzy creature figureout that it needs shelter before downpour. staggering movement can be seen while its trying to find a shelter. Rain starts running from south while thunderclaps follows. the strange looking creature found a small cave where it can take a rest for a while.